Video: Devinci’s All-New Troy

Video: Devinci’s All-New Troy

Contemporary dawdle bikes maintain turn out to be the answer for nearly the complete lot from a lap on your native scamper alongside side the chase dawdle to that rowdy enduro sail thanks to advances in suspension and geometry. The newest one so as to add to the checklist is Devinci’s all-fresh Troy, a 140mm-lope dawdle bike that’s intended to construct the entire things, even when about a of those things are kinda sketchy.

The pinnacle-of-the-line Troy is the ‘Carbon XT 12S LTD’ mannequin that features a 160mm Fox 36, 10mm more than totally different four entire bikes, and sells for $6,199 USD.

Troy Vital aspects

• Poke: 140mm / 150mm fork (160mm on LTD)

• Wheel size: 29″

• New carbon fiber frame

• Split Pivot suspension arrangement

• ISCG-05 chain ebook tabs

• Astronomical Enhance hub spacing

• Weight: 33 lb / 15 kg

• MSRP: $2,799 USD to $6,199 USD

There is never any zillion-dollar XTR or AXS-geared up Troy, nonetheless there are some grand much less costly alternate choices. All of it starts on the $2,799 USD mannequin that gets a Deore 12-bustle drivetrain and RockShox suspension hung off an aluminum frame. The GX Troy goes for $3,599 USD with an aluminum frame, or you might maybe maybe maybe well presumably derive a GX bike with some upgraded bits and a carbon front-discontinue and alloy rear for $4,399 USD. Paunchy carbon bikes originate on the GX model for $5,199 USD.

Frame Vital aspects

Whereas it appears to be like same to the outdated Troy, with a vertical shock compressed from above by device of Split Pivot suspension, it be in actual fact an all-fresh animal from front to serve. And no longer like its predecessor, this one is designed spherical 29″ wheels for all sizes – there’s no longer a 27.5″ wheeled Troy in Devinci’s catalog.

The Canadian imprint has performed nicely on the fresh-frame checklist, with two-hobble ISCG 05 tabs spherical a threaded bottom bracket, internally routed traces (even supposing no longer pass-thru), and room for a astronomical-sized bottle within the front triangle. There might maybe be additionally room for a 2.6″ huge rear tire, which is why Devinci has caught with the 12 x 157mm Astronomical Enhance hub spacing ragged on the outdated Troy, even supposing they additionally divulge that this model is slimmer externally for more clearance.

Devinci ragged a flip-chip on the lower shock mount on the outdated Troy and they’ve introduced that over to the fresh model as nicely; it offers half a diploma of angle and 3mm of bottom bracket height adjustment. The upper mount is Trunion, clearly, nonetheless reasonably than fair correct being a pair of spacers at totally different discontinue, the shock hardware unit does double-responsibility as a cable ebook that keeps them in test between the front and rear triangles.

Rear Suspension

The fresh Troy’s 140mm of lope is controlled by device of a Split Pivot suspension construct that sees the rear pivot rotate concentrically spherical the axle, with a rocker arm that compresses the Fox Drift X2 from above. It’s a ravishing straightforward layout that’s mentioned to separate the acceleration and braking forces whereas additionally offering a lawful mix of energy and microscopic bump compliance. And with the most recent, extremely-adjustable shocks, that you just must unruffled be ready to space it as much as match your desires.

All objects of the fresh Troy comprise an air-sprung shock, nonetheless anyone taking a stare to assemble their maintain aggressive dawdle bike shall be blissful to hear that it will play good with coil springs as nicely.


In comparison with the outdated model, the fresh Troy is 15mm longer across the board, with a astronomical-sized bike getting a 480mm reach within the slack environment that nearly everyone will mechanically attach it in. At 65-levels flat, it’s additionally a diploma slacker than the historical bike, even supposing the geo adjustment lets you steepen that by half a diploma and elevate the underside bracket by 3mm.

One thing to point out: My test bike is the LTD model that features a 160mm-lope fork, 10mm more than totally different four bikes. That relaxes the geo by about half a diploma and lifts the underside bracket by fair correct a smidge. Devinci is additionally doing size-explicit chainstays on the Troy, with the further-microscopic to medium bikes getting a 435mm rear discontinue, the astronomical 440mm, and the further-astronomical a 445mm.