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Your daily horoscope: August 2

Leo.IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAYA Venus-Uranus link on your birthday suggests that someone whose outlook on life is very different to your own will help you immensely over the coming year. Sometimes opposites really do attract and this could be a partnership that benefits you both.ARIES (March 21 - April 20):You could come into money

Your daily horoscope: August 1

Leo.IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAYA Mars-Uranus link on your birthday means you can expect some pretty big challenges in your work or career over the coming 12 months. But from big challenges come even bigger opportunities – and big rewards for those who are brave enough to seize them.ARIES (March 21 - April 20):The cosmic

Your daily horoscope: June 25

Cancer.IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAYYou may be a big fish in a small pond but now it’s time to move up and swim with the sharks and barracudas in the open sea. You possess so much talent that it would be a crime to waste it on small victories and small-minded people.ARIES (March 21 -