Review: Lululook Foldable Magnetic iPad Air/Pro Stand

Review: Lululook Foldable Magnetic iPad Air/Pro Stand

Lululook recently launched a Foldable Magnetic stand for iPad Air 4 (or later) and 11-inch iPad Pro models. This stand improves the experience offered with the Urban version, which 9to5Mac also tested. After a few days of daily usage, here are my impressions of this accessory for the iPad.

What differentiates the Foldable Magnetic Stand from the Urban Stand is, as you guess, the ability to fold it, which makes it perfect for those who travel a lot and want to have their iPad on a nice stand for watching streaming services, playing games, cooking, or reading the news.

Look and feel

I currently own an iPad Air 4. With its redesign, this tablet comes with the same magnets on the back as the iPad Pro. Lululook sent it over the Foldable Magnetic Stand for this tablet – which also works with the 11-inch iPad Pro – but the brand also offers a version for the 12.9-inch model.

Just like the Urban Stand, the Foldable Magnetic Stand has a premium finish. It’s essentially a blank gray rectangle sitting above the iMac-style stand in metal. There’s its brand on the front and that’s it.

The stand is very adjustable. You can tilt it back and forward to adjust the angle, and you can swivel it to switch between landscape and portrait orientations. Since it’s foldable, you can adjust the stand to lay down, but you have to keep one thing in mind: you have to double-check whether the stand can weight the iPad. If it’s too lay down, the iPad may fall – although you can easily realize that.

The magnetic attachment is very strong. Once the iPad is properly attached, there’s absolutely no way it’s going anywhere. When I first tested the Urban stand, I thought it needed a bit of a learning curve, but with this version, I find it very easy to adjust the iPad and make sure it’s firmly.

Folding stand

As already mentioned, what makes this accessory stand out is the ability to fold it. Recently, while traveling I thought about taking the Urban Stand with me, but due to its disposition, it wouldn’t fit my luggage.

Although this model is heavier, at least it doesn’t occupy too much space, as its pad can be brought closer to where you place the iPad.

The hinges are firm, which means you need to make an effort to fold them. At the same time, this also means once you have your iPad the way you want, it will stay that way.

Lululook Foldable Magnetic iPad Stand: price and conclusions

The Foldable Magnetic Stand costs $85.99, which is $2 more than the Urban model. This is pretty much in pair with what other brands offer. Although there are options that don’t use a magnet – which means they can support older iPads – it’s the convenience of safely storing your iPad that makes this accessory worth it.

For me who already enjoyed using the Urban stand, having the Foldable Magnetic option will make my life easier when traveling or on the go, if I’m with the iPad.

This means I can go to a coffee shop, to my parent’s house, or literally anywhere else, and I can easily put the iPad in a nice position to cook, watch my favorite Apple TV+ shows, and more.

The Lululook Foldable magnetic iPad Air/Pro stand is available from Amazon for both 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, in eitherssilver or Space Gray.

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