Okanagan Cultivators Signs Agreement to Acquire Property with Grow Facility in BC, Canada

Okanagan Cultivators Signs Agreement to Acquire 400 Acre Property with Grow Facility in BC, Canada
Okanagan Cultivators Signs Agreement to Acquire 400 Acre Property with Grow Facility in BC, Canada

Okanagan Cultivators says it will develop an over 1,500,000 square foot property with new greenhouse growing capacity in British Columbia. With this big move, the Canadian craft cannabis company will more than double its current marijuana production footprint. 

To date, Okanagan Cultivators already has a fully signed distribution license with licenced processors for the Canadian Government. The craft cannabis cultivators will develop the property with the intention to have their product available as soon as possible. 

The Canadian cultivators are known for their organic pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis. What sets Okanagan Cultivators apart from other cannabis companies is the process by which they grow their product. They use laboratory-grade growing rooms according to a fully organic cultivation process. Each strain is grown in its own room and cared for according to its own optimal growing conditions. 

With this anticipated 1,500,000 square foot property development, Okanagan Cultivators will have more space for optimal cannabis production. This will lead to even higher production rates and provide more value to the Canadian cultivators business. 

Exciting news from Okanagan Cultivators

The company’s spokesperson Alison Colbert says the company has an opportunity for an additional property acquisition in Canada’s British Columbia. In a public statement on behalf of Okanagan Cultivators, Alison Colbert had the following to say about the property purchase:

‘We feel that this acquisition will propel Okanagan Cultivators’ forward towards our anticipated public listing set for early in 2021.’

The craft cannabis company’s CEO Mark Miller had some news regarding Okanagan Cultivators’ upcoming business. In a statement, the CEO of the company said the following:

‘Our first allocation of shares in Okanagan Cultivators will be issued no later than 2019. The first tranche will be 25 – 50 million shares.’ 

Possible new board member for Okanagan Cultivators

Alison Colbert’s official statement also continued, and commented on the promising future of Okanagan Cultivators and upcoming plans. The statement from Alison Colbert reads as follows:

‘We are making very aggressive moves in the hiring process. We are in the early stages of bringing a well known investment advisor to our team,’ she says.

According to Okanagan Cultivators, this possible hire would be a game changer for the company. Their experience and knowledge of IPOs would add indispensable value to the Canadian company’s board.

‘We have thrown a Hail Mary pass in regards to who we would like to help bring us to the markets. If we land this hire we are more than confident that the sky’s the limit for our company and investors.’

Okanagan Cultivators will be announcing who it is they hope to bring on board if they acquire the hire. If they can get this IPO expert to join the team, Okanagan Cultivators anticipates even more long term success. A new board member, and the 1,500,000 square foot property development, will take the company to new heights.

This company will be one for investors to watch in the cannabis cultivation market as these exciting events unfold.