NASA’s astrobiology rover Perseverance makes historical Mars landing

NASA’s astrobiology rover Perseverance makes historical Mars landing

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Feb 19, 2021  •  9 hours within the past  •  4 minute read

This handout file illustration obtained March 5, 2020, courtesy of NASA presentations the Mars rover Perseverence. Photo by NASA /AFP by job of Getty Images / Recordsdata

LOS ANGELES — NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance, basically the most evolved astrobiology lab ever despatched to one other world, streaked by the Martian atmosphere on Thursday and landed safely internal an limitless crater, the first discontinuance on a stumble upon for traces of veteran microbial life on the Pink Planet.

Mission managers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) come Los Angeles burst into applause, cheers and fist-bumps as radio beacons signaled that the rover had survived its unsafe descent and arrived as planned on the floor of Jezero Crater, utter of a prolonged-vanished Martian lake bed.

The six-wheeled automobile got right here to rest about 2 kilometers from towering cliffs on the foot of a remnant fan-shaped river delta etched into a corner of the crater billions of years within the past and regarded as a prime effect for geo-biological gaze on Mars.

“Touchdown confirmed,” Swati Mohan, the lead guidance and operations specialist launched from the control room. “Perseverance safely on the floor of Mars.”

The robotic automobile sailed by space for practically seven months, covering 293 million miles (472 million km) sooner than piercing the Martian atmosphere at 12,000 miles per hour (19,000 km per hour) to commence its descent to the planet’s floor.

Moments after landing, Perseverance beamed abet its first shaded-and-white photos from the Martian floor, one in every of them exhibiting the rover’s shadow solid on the desolate, rocky landing utter.

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Because it takes radio waves 11 minutes to saunter from Mars to Earth, the SUV-sized rover had already reached Martian soil by the time its arrival became confirmed by signals relayed to Earth from one in every of several satellites orbiting Mars.

The spacecraft’s self-guided descent and landing right by a complex sequence of maneuvers that NASA dubbed “the seven minutes of fear” stands as basically the most elaborate and never easy feat within the annals of robotic spaceflight.


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Performing NASA chief Steve Jurczyk referred to because it an “fabulous accomplishment,” together with, “I will’t reveal you the best procedure overcome with emotion I became.”

Deputy Mission Manager for the rover, Matt Wallace, said the descent and landing programs “conducted flawlessly.”

The landing represented the riskiest section of two-year, $2.7 billion endeavor whose main purpose is to search out for imaginable fossilized signs of microbes that can possess flourished on Mars some 3 billion years within the past, when the fourth planet from the solar became hotter, wetter and perhaps hospitable to life.

Scientists hope to search out biosignatures embedded in samples of veteran sediments that Perseverance is designed to extract from Martian rock for future evaluation abet on Earth – the first such specimens ever silent by humankind from one other planet.

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Two subsequent Mars missions are planned to retrieve the samples and return them to NASA within the next decade, in collaboration with the European Train Company.

Thursday’s landing moreover got right here as a triumph for a virus-weary United States, aloof gripped by financial and social upheaval from the COVID-19 pandemic. The public health crisis emerged within the months sooner than the rover became launched in July and complex execution of the Mars mission.

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U.S. President Joe Biden, looking out at NASA protection of the tournament on the White Home, tweeted his congratulations, announcing, “This day proved as soon as but again that with the energy of science and American ingenuity, nothing is beyond the realm of probability.”


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In a distinct salute per digital communications emblematic of the generation, the JPL webcast integrated a Zoom-admire video collage flashing the faces of hundreds of Perseverance crew contributors from home offices the effect many worked remotely by the pandemic.


NASA scientists possess described Perseverance as basically the most fearless of practically 20 U.S. missions to Mars relationship abet to the Mariner spacecraft’s 1965 skim-by.

Increased and packed with more instruments than the four Mars rovers previous it, Perseverance is determined to intention on old findings that liquid water as soon as flowed on the Martian floor and that carbon and other minerals altered by water and regarded as precursors to the evolution of life possess been contemporary.

Perseverance’s payload moreover involves demonstration projects that could perhaps relief pave the manner for eventual human exploration of Mars, together with a machine to convert the carbon dioxide within the Martian atmosphere into pure oxygen.

The box-shaped tool, the first constructed to extract a natural resource of convey employ to participants from an extraterrestrial environment, could perhaps demonstrate helpful for future human life enhance on Mars and for producing rocket propellant to skim astronauts home.

One other experimental prototype carried by Perseverance is a minute helicopter designed to verify the first powered, controlled flight of an airplane on one other planet. If winning, the 4-pound (1.8-kg) helicopter could perhaps consequence in low-altitude aerial surveillance of some distance away worlds, officials said.


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The daredevil nature of the rover’s descent to the Martian floor, at a utter that NASA described as both titillating to scientists and in particular unsafe for landing, became a momentous achievement in itself.

The multi-stage spacecraft carrying the rover soared into the head of Martian atmosphere at practically 16 cases the poke of sound on Earth, angled to form aerodynamic desire while jet thrusters adjusted its trajectory.

A jarring, supersonic parachute inflation extra slowed the descent, giving technique to deployment of a rocket-powered “sky crane” automobile that flew to a stable landing effect, decreased the rover on tethers, then flew off to smash a stable distance away.

Extra cameras designed to shoot video of Perseverance because it plunged toward the floor are believed to possess captured the first pictures ever recorded of a spacecraft descending onto one other planet, JPL officials said. That video would perhaps be engaging to demonstrate the field as early as subsequent week, Wallace said.

Perseverance’s instantaneous predecessor, the rover Curiosity, landed in 2012 and stays in operation, as does the stationary lander InSight, which arrived in 2018 to gaze the deep internal of Mars.

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